Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothin' Like an Inspirational Flick to Get You Through Those Long Runs!

It seems like most people, within a few hours of meeting me, realize that I am a movie buff of sorts, and although it was slightly embarrassing at first, there comes a point where you just have to be happy with who you are! Yes, I adore movies, especially comedies and dramas. Going to the theater is one of my favorite pasttimes, and when I asked Santa for an iPad last Christmas, I was primarily excited about loading it up with movies and TV shows to help out with long bouts of exercise at the gym.

Today, Soul Surfer--which has quickly become one of my all-time favorites--was released on DVD. It's based on the true story of a girl who lost her arm in a shark attack at age 13, then found the courage to get back in the water and become a pro surfer--not because she wanted to be renowned, but because it was a passion she couldn't imagine living without. Buying it for my iPad helped me finish a nearly 6-mile run this afternoon, which still isn't my best, but I am currently working through a slump in my running, which I'm sincerely hoping will pass as the Chicago Marathon gets closer. Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning this particular film is because we all have days where we need a little extra "boost", and watching a good inspirational movie--especially one about real people--can go a long way in reminding you what you're trying to do in your own life.

For my Question of the Day, I thought I would ask people to post those movies that urge them to leap into action and forget about certain obstacles that may have been bothering them the day before. What makes you feel just plain happy and inspired after watching it? Aside from Soul Surfer, I really love Facing the Giants (try watching the death crawl scene without being motivated to get off your couch and do something worthwhile) and Remember the Titans. There are so many others I could name, but I'll let other people write their own opinions if they want to!

Have a good night, and be inspired...whatever it takes! Movies are just one small way to begin the process. Whatever helps you get up and moving is great, but ultimately, it's you who makes the decision to keep going from there. Don't let anyone or anything stop you! As Bethany Hamilton says in Soul Surfer, "I don't need easy. I just need possible." Couldn't have said it better myself!

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