Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's a Great Night to Feel Just Plain HAPPY!

Because I love looking through random "before" pictures, here is another from my sister Katie's wedding in July 2009. That would be me and Robbie, one of the groomsmen. Looking back, I am truly amazed at how much weight I carried in my face and arms. That was such a beautiful day, with so many wonderful memories, but I am definitely glad that I no longer look that way:
Now this is a picture of my parents, which I am adding for a couple of reasons. First of all, I love it and feel happy just looking at it. Secondly, my mom--who has been at Weight Watchers with me every step of the way--has lost about 20 pounds of her own since this was taken (also in 2009). YAY MOM!!!!!!
Well, this post is sure to be short and sweet--or at least as short and sweet as Rosie the Rambler can manage--because the day's events are finally over, so it's a perfect time to just eat dinner and relax for a while. Mom and I went to our Weight Watchers meeting about an hour ago. I lost 3.2 pounds, and she maintained her weight loss from last week, which is still successful since she had a big loss last week. My total is now 143.2 pounds lost, which means that I am only TWO POUNDS HEAVIER THAN MY MOTHER!!!!! Wow. I never, ever, ever thought I'd be able to say that. It's an amazing feeling! In the car, I said to her, "I can't believe we weigh almost the exact same thing. My legs are so much fatter than yours!" and to that, she said "Well, I feel like my stomach is a lot fatter than yours!" We laughed about it, but it brought up an interesting point for both of us. Even more than just the outer rewards of weight loss, what feels good is when you know you are making strides in just being a healthy person, regardless of what you look like. This morning, when I went to get some more dental work done (yep, twice in one week for me, but everything is looking good now), the woman who was there said that my blood pressure is excellent. Those little things are pleasant reminders that even when we feel like we still have a long way to go, we can take pride in knowing that we're making progress.

Wednesdays are always the most difficult day of the week for me to get through, in preparation for that big evening weigh-in. For that reason, it is typically my most critical exercise day, but I had very little energy to run today, and I was only able to run 6.5 miles--which included a lot of stopping and walking in-between. Again, I am coming back from a sprained ankle that took two weeks to fully recover, which feels like a lot when you're only two and a half months away from your first marathon. I do my best to eat the right things before an important run, and I am usually good about that, but when I'm not, I can feel the difference immediately. I have found that keeping energy gels on hand (one for every 45 minutes that you're running) is helpful, but even more than that, if I drink a Gatorade and eat a power bar (my favorites are the Luna bars that they sell at Jewel and Dominicks) about 30 minutes beforehand, my endurance increases tremendously during my run. When you are doing any form of exercise, you need to remember what eating what works best for your body to eat/drink, and how you can perform your absolute best. I have found that it benefits me to learn from the experiences/successes of others when it comes to things like this.

Okay, plan was to keep this brief. Did I succeed? Well, I'll let you decide on that one :) Right now, I am going to eat my all-time favorite Taco Bell dinner (Wednesdays are my big splurge nights, after weigh-in) and watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. The one I'm planning to watch is from Season 2, with a female patient who has an actual medical condition where she blushes excessively...and it just happens to flare up the most when good old Dr. Shepherd (aaaah, Patrick Dempsey) is around. I am topping off this post with a picture of my favorite fictional surgeon, just because it's nice to look at...and because if McDreamy happened to walk into this room right now, I'd be blushing like a schoolgirl too! (Not a word out of you, Kerry! LOL) I may be 26, but I don't always act like it. Oh well--we all have our guilty pleasures! Good night, and HAPPY WEDNESDAY to all!

Question of the Day: What powers you up for an especially great workout? Is it a specific food or drink that helps you, or something that prepares you mentally? I hope you will share what has worked for you!

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